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A Swiss distributor with a team of brand-enthusiastic professionals. We bring high quality products to the Swiss e-com market.

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We offer the service modules you need for a successful distribution

Our focus is on the key requirements for the best possible market entry of your brand in Switzerland.

Our Brands & Clients

We are very proud of the brands that we are collaborating with and we are constantly on the lookout for new high potential brands for the Swiss market.



Messy Weekends is a Danish brand dedicated to offering high-quality products for a fair price. They run a Clean Oceans Initiative to take care of our planet. Founded in 2017 by two eyewear and skiing passionates. The brand aims to communicate more than just a brand, but a lifestyle. By following a Scandinavian design, their product range is sunglasses, snow goggles and blue light blocking glasses.


  • Surs is the exclusive distributor for Messy Weekend products in Switzerland
  • Already placed MW in big Swiss marketplaces such as Manor and Galaxus
  • Logistics managed by Surs
  • Successful deals with brands4employees
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Meridian Grooming is an American brand that specialises in trimmers. Their high-quality grooming and hygiene tools are designed to provide a great experience for its users. Founded in 2019, Meridian has rebranded the idea of grooming to a more inclusive approach. They stand for your body, your hair, your rules. Their products are trimmers (including some premium versions), bundles and accessories.


  • Surs is the exclusive distributor for Meridian products in Switzerland
  • Successfully placed in big Swiss marketplaces such as Manor and Galaxus
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CitySens is an innovative plant accessory brand from Spain. The brand builds self-watering solutions for indoors and outdoors plants. They combine design with functionality. Founded in 2012, the brand aims to bring green life to everyones’ homes with sustainability and social impact as the main driver.


  • Surs is the exclusive distributor for CitySens products in Switzerland.
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Oakywood specialises in sustainable wood desks & workspace accessories. They offer, amongst others, standing desks, charging docks and stands. Founded in Poland in 2017, their aim is to bring organisation into our workplaces. They stand for quality and sustainability, and their wood is solely responsibly sourced.


  • Surs is the exclusive distributor for oakywood products in Switzerland.
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agood company designs and creates circular & eco-friendly products for everyday, making consumption more conscious. Their products range from stone notebooks to 100% compostable phone cases. Founded in Sweden in 2018 by a committed team who really wants to make an impact. They exist to create elegant, thoughtful and sustainable everyday products.


  • Surs is the exclusive distributor for agood company products in Switzerland
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Popumusic specialises in instrument self-learning via gamification. Some of their portable instruments are pianos, ukuleles and guitars. Founded in 2015 in China, the team focuses on making music learning fun and efficient.


  • Surs is the exclusive distributor for Popumusic products in Switzerland.
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PANGEA Movement is an impact brand from the USA that organises ocean clean-up, river barriers and plant reforestation in Indonesia. Founded in 2019 by three travellers from the USA, Argentina and Colombia, the company has a product portfolio ranging from eco-friendly towels and jackets to sunglasses made from recycled plastic.


  • Surs is the exclusive distributor for Pangea products in Switzerland.
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Boskke designs innovative plant pots with a self-watering system. Their best-seller is the sky planter, which is an upside-down planter. Their products are made of repurposed plastic and ceramic that comes from a family owned factory in Sri Lanka. Founded in 2007 in New Zealand by two brothers, who inherited the pottery tradition from their parents.


  • Surs is the exclusive distributor for Boskke products in Switzerland.
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Our Services

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Fully connected to all relevant Swiss marketplaces via product data feeds.

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Setting up and running a Swiss webshop.

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Creation and editing according to Swiss market fit.

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3500m² fulfillment center for e-commerce and pallet orders.

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Your Brand

How do we
approach distribution

  • 1

    Analyse your potential

    2 - 4 days

    We will conduct a comprehensive analysis of your potential in the Swiss market, providing recommendations how to test the market and go forward.

    You can expect from us:

    • Examination of your product portfolio and your competitors
    • How your pricing strategy can be adapted for the Swiss market
    • Optimization of your e-commerce setup and social media presence for Switzerland
  • 2

    Plan & purpose

    1 - 2 weeks

    We create and present a thorough testing plan

    You can expect from us:

    • A 4-step rollout plan with details on testing partners and the expected timeline
    • Objectives for the upcoming 12 month
    • Planned actions from our side and expected deliverables from yours
  • 3

    Test phase

    6 - 12 months

    We agree on a test period, start executing the test plan and optimize cooperation.

    You can expect from us:

    • A launch playbook with detailed data and content instructions
    • Transparent monthly updates with full insight into all numbers and channels
    • Continuous inputs to improve your branding in Switzerland
  • 4

    Longterm cooperation

    1+ years

    After a successful test phase, we expand the cooperation and develop further possibilities.

    You can expect from us:

    • A partner who represents your brand as if it were ours
    • Full transparency, open communication and continuous commitment
    • A lot of fun

Our Partners

Our partner network helps your e-com brand to scale quickly in the Swiss market.

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